Timetable & Fees

British Association Teachers of Dancing in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Freestyle (contemporary/lyrical & street). Examination opportunity to Professional level. Class level terms such as Pre-primary, Primary, Grade 1 etc. do not correspond to the academic school year, but to dance grades within an associated syllabus. Please contact the school to establish which grade of class is suitable.

Pre-primary Tap @ 4pm - 4.30pm
Pre-primary Ballet @ 4.35pm - 5.05pm
Pre-primary Jazz @ 5.10pm - 5.40pm
Grade 4 Ballet @ 5.45pm - 6.30pm 
Grade 4 Tap @ 6.35pm - 7.20pm
Blue Riband Freestyle (Contemporary/Lyrical & Commercial) @ 7.25pm - 8.10pm
Grade 4 Jazz @ 8.15pm - 9pm

Tuesday Individual Tuition (Booked) @ 3.30pm - 9pm

Primary Tap @ 4pm - 4.30pm 
Primary Ballet @ 4.35pm - 5.05pm
Primary Jazz @ 5.10pm - 5.40pm 
Bronze Freestyle (Street) @ 5.45pm - 6.15pm 
Grade 1 Tap @ 6.20pm - 6.50pm 
Grade 1 Jazz @ 6.55pm - 7.25pm 
Grade 1 Ballet @ 7.30pm - 8pm


Starlite 1/2 @ 3.50pm - 4.20pm 

Grade 3 Jazz @ 5.30pm - 6.15pm 

Grade 3 Tap @ 6.20pm - 7.05pm

Gold Freestyle (Contemporary/Lyrical & Commercial) @ 7.10pm - 7.55pm

Grade 3 Ballet @ 8pm - 8.45pm

Pre-Pointe Ballet @ 8.50pm - 9.10pm




Starlite 1 @ 8.55am - 9.25am

Starlite 2 @ 9.35am - 10.05am 

Pre primary Tap @ 10.15am - 10.45am 

Pre primary Ballet @ 10.50am - 11.20am 

Pre primary Modern @ 11.25am - 11.55am 

Primary Modern @ 12.10pm – 12.40pm

Primary Ballet @ 12.45pm - 1.15pm

Primary Tap @ 1.20pm - 1.50pm 

Grade 1 Tap @ 1.55pm -2.25pm

Grade 1 Ballet @ 2.30pm - 3pm

Grade 1 Modern @ 3.05pm - 3.35pm 

Grade 2 Modern @ 3.40pm - 4.10pm

Grade 2 Tap @ 4.15pm - 4.45pm

Grade 2 Ballet @ 4.50pm - 5.20pm

Grade 2 Jazz @ 5.25pm - 5.55pm

Silver Freestyle (Contemporary/Lyrical & Commercial) @ 6pm - 6.30pm




Term Fee Information 

As grade work is progressive there is an expectation that students attend class(es) weekly. The entire term fee is required on or before the first day of each term. Reductions will not given for non attendance. Where siblings attend parents have the option of requesting to pay term fees in two equal instalments. To help ensure smooth running of the first day of each term, parents are asked to prepare a payment envelope (with student name/class(es) attended clearly written on the front). A fee invoice will be provided prior to the onset of each term. Invoice receipts will not be generated automatically. Therefore, anyone wishing confirmation of payment please print off your invoice for it to be signed and dated. Parents of new students can choose to pay on a weekly basis for up to four weeks of first attendance. Where a student is unable to attend class due to illness, bad weather etc. a corresponding level class , where available, may be attended for continuity of learning. Where a student no longer wishes to attend class the dance school must be notified either in writing or in person. No refunds will be given in such a circumstance. In the event of classes being cancelled for reasons beyond the school's control e.g bad weather ec. classes will not be compensated.


Term Fee Cost

Starlite Level 1 & 2: £4.20 per class

Pre-primary, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2, Pre-bronze & Bronze/Silver Freestyle: £4 per class 

Grade 3 & Grade 4 /Gold Freestyle and above: £4.75 per class

See below student discount for those attending two or more classes per week. NB not applicable to Starlite students

Two Pre-primary to Grade 2/Silver Freestyle classes attended with 10% discount applied: £7.20

Three Pre-primary to Grade 2/Silver Freestyle classes attended with 15% discount applied: £10.20

Four Pre-primary to Grade 2/Silver Freestyle classes attended with 20% discount applied: £12.80 

Two Grade 3/Gold and above Freestyle classes attended with 10% discount applied: £8.55

Three Grade 3/Gold and above Freestyle classes attended with 15% discount applied: £12.10

Four 45 minute classes attended with 20% discount applied: £15.20 

More than 4 classes attended per week 25% discount applies

NB  your child has any known joint/back/muscle injury and/or joint/back/muscle weakness, getting over any recent illness or you have any medical related concerns, please seek medical advice prior to your child attending class